Zamhari: What You Believe

ZamhariIf we are talking about people’s lives, every person has its own different story as what they believe and perhaps you do. If you are a religious person, you must know what you should do and don’t believe. In this world, believe it or not, there are second places of life to certain invisible things life border on our own life. Some people believed to this second places and soma are not. If you are a religious person, a Moslem like this Zamhari says, you must believe in this second places because your Lord can’t be touched, seen, and has no sizes like the human but he exists in this world to watch you and give you something you need most.

Zamhari: Allah Is What You Believe

Well, if you don’t believe that this second space exists in this world, it also means you don’t believe in your own creator. Even if you can’t see and touch the Lord in around you, you can feel it in deep your heart that the Lord is seeing you every time. This Zamhari says that if you want to believe in your God, even you can’t touch it or see it, you still have a chance to feel it his attendance in your life through your heart. Note that, you can feel the wind through your skin but you can’t touch or see it and you still believe it, right?

Thus, if you believe that the wind is real, you also should believe that the God is real too. It is the way you can believe that the second space exists around us. By believing it, you also can learn deeply about the religion you have followed and get more religious for it. If you believe in God, you also believe in your own religion as what this Zamhari told.