Treat Breakouts By Eating These Foods

Health careIt has been a common sense that what you are eating shape what you are. When we are talking about our overall body health, we cannot deny that this is true. Breakout is one of the health problems which frequently occur in our skin. There have been many studies taken in order to reveal the relationship between particular foods with its effect on breakouts. The result shows that some foods are better to be avoided in order to stay away from breakouts. On the other hands, there are some foods which are recommended to consume when you want to stay away from breakouts.

When we are talking about foods to eat during fighting for breakouts, flaxseed or fish becomes the number one to be mentioned. When the typical diet usually contains a large number of omega 6 fatty acids that are related to inflammation, consuming more omega 3 fatty acids is far more recommended in order to fight many health problems including breakouts. Some examples of foods which contain this fatty acid include fatty fish, flaxseed, and walnuts. Then, there is also green tea which is suggested as another great food to fight breakouts. This food is recommended due to its rich on antioxidants.

In addition to omega 3 fatty acids and green tea, we can also add oysters to our everyday diet when we want to stay away from breakouts. A few studies have found that there is a positive effect of mineral zinc toward acne reduction. To get the benefit of mineral zinc from your food, oyster, veal liver, roast beef and roasted pumpkin can be a very good alternative. Furthermore, juicing is another good choice when you want to stay away from breakouts. Consuming more veggies and fruits is surely recommended as well. You can get a natural anti-inflammatory agent from your veggie and fruit juice which is actually the best agent to fight breakouts.