Tiny yet Awful Problem of People

One of the most common problems in the world is actually the dust mite. Have you ever heard about dust mite? What is dust mite? Do dust mites bite? Why do they become a problem? Well, actually it is very difficult to find this invertebrate in the bare eyes because it has very small body size. However, the impact caused by the dust mites is not as small as their size. They cause such an allergenic reaction to most of the people.

Do the Dust Mites Bite Harm You?

As the dust mites become common problems, they can spread easily. Moreover, they can cause such an allergic reaction. But, how the dust mites spread allergic? Or do the dust mites bite? Technically, yes, they bite. The dust mites feed on the skin flakes of human or any other animals. The bites of this kind of mites can cause allergy because it contains such a potent digestive enzyme, which triggers different reaction to each people. However, the most commonly occurred is the itch on the skin. Unlike another blood-sucking insect such as bed bugs or mosquitoes, they do not consume blood. The skin flakes they feed on are either directly from a human or the dead skin fallen. When they eat the skin flakes, they produce the digestive enzyme which causes the allergies. That is different from the blood-sucking insects which cause the allergenic reaction from the substance called anticoagulant.

Furthermore, the dust mites can easily spread due to their small size. People can bring the pathogen unconsciously from one place to another. Since the dust mites live in human dwelling places, it is so much possible for human itself spreading the dust mites. The dust mites usually live in human’s bed, as the human sleeping in that bed, they can bring the dust mite to another place such as public transportation or movie theatres. Well, they are a small yet evil creature. If you need any information about getting rid of dust mites, you can visit http://dustmitebites.net.