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stretch marks treatmentsWe all are dreaming about a flawless, even, and smooth skin, but that is just hard to achieve when the stretch marks start to show. These thin, long, reddish or purple-ish lines are difficult to fight and occur in almost everyone. Before we go into the stretch marks treatment tips, you may need to know what causes them. Well, stretch marks are caused by the different factor in each one of us. I could be getting stretch marks due to an extreme body changing while the other women get them during their pregnancy. Even though this type of skin condition has no level of danger, but this is not nice to look at either. With thebeautyslice you will find out how to treat the ugly stretch marks.

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Thebeautyslice is a website which provides you with the beauty and body treatment tips including how to get rid of stretch marks. Below are natural home remedies for stretch marks you can try to do:

  • Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid has the ability to increase the skin collagen. Apply the glycolic acid cream to the affected area as it is suggested you on the box. Frequently apply this treatment at least twice a day.

  • White eggs

The skin’s elasticity can be increased by the enzyme in the white eggs. Apply the white eggs to the affected area using a brush as an applicator. You can add the almond or coconut oil for the best result, repeat this treatment every day.

  • Coffee Beans

You need a half cup of coffee beans and 2 tablespoons olive or coconut oil. Make a mixture of the two ingredients and apply it on the stretch marks area. The coffee bean scrub can be used for three or two times a week.

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