Skipjack Tuna Price Become Higher

It’s recommended to eat at least appropriate amount of tuna fish which is two to three servings. That’s because tuna fish has many benefits such as lower the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, as well as fulfill our need for protein. However, in the recent days, skipjack tuna price become higher and higher. This will lead to more people buy less tuna product. Even they can’t afford canned tuna although it is the cheapest tuna product. Why do these phenomena happen? Check this post below!

What Affect Skipjack Tuna Price?

Skipjack tuna price becomes more expensive than before because of the area where they are marketed. Every area that is marketed from tuna fish industry, will affect the price from one place to another. This is why you can find the price of tuna fish will be different in some areas. For instance, the price of skipjack tuna will be higher if you buy them in urban markets. However, if you are looking for skipjack tuna in the rural market, the price will be cheaper. Some common factors that affect this are a different number of demand, the distance of the market, as well as the difficulty to distribute the product. That’s why when you look for skipjack tuna, you need to check the price in several areas before making a decision. This step is to ensure you that the price is affordable with your money.

People level of income can also be another factor that affects the price. The demand for skipjack tuna will depend on the income. People will use their income to buy food and drink. If their income is high, they can buy any food and drink that they want. But if their income is low, they can only buy certain food and drink that affordable. That’s why skipjack tuna price become higher if more people have low income.