Package For Your Night Safari

When you visit Bali Safari and Marine Park, you can choose several packages that can help you to walk around the park. Those packages are Bali Agung Show, Safari Journey, Elephant Safari, Mara River Safari Lodge, Bali Night Safari Package, Dinner at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, Waterpark and Fun Zone. From those packages, the night safari package is the most popular one. Through this package, you can learn about how animals in their night. So, you will get learning from this package related to the nightlife of animals. Do you want to know more about it? Please, read the following paragraphs.

Bali Night Safari Package And Its Detail

When you want to visit Bali Safari Park and want to know more about the inside of the park, you can choose one of the packages that you can get from the service. Bali Night Safari Package becomes the package that you should try when you come to this place. Since the night safari will be full of activity, you have to make sure that you are in great condition, so that you can enjoy every show that you visit. Besides that, you also have to prepare the ticket. Do not forget to book the ticket first, since many people might have the same intention to visit this place, so you have to be in hurry.

The price of the ticket is quite high; it is about IDR 1,000,000 for adults above 12 years old. Meanwhile, for infant and children, the price is IDR 800,000. When you want to go there, it would be good to ask your friend or family to accompany you, since the booking has a minimum number of the person. Besides that, you also have to make sure that you know the package that is included in your ticket. That is all the information about Bali Night Safari Package. Please, visit and enjoy your holiday.