Nutrition In Sardine Fish

When you decide to make sure in ever nutrition that you eat, considering choosing the best menu for your daily meals will be something better. You have to choose or select only the menu that popular the good nutrition. For example, sardine fish can be one of your favorite menus, since this menu is not only delicious but also full of nutrition for your body. You will receive high nutrition even you only eat a small amount of the sardines. The following paragraphs will help you to get a deeper understanding of the nutrition that you get in sardines.

Sardine Fish With Its High Nutrition

It might be common knowledge when sardines and the other fish become the source of protein. However, the other interesting of sardines is that the fish is not only the good sources of protein but also has only low saturated fat. Then, you also have to know that sardine fish is good with the supply of omega-3 fatty acids that will be good for your heart. Besides that, the sardines usually getting catch when they are still small and young, which means the fish is still in good condition and still less contaminated in the sea.

From the 80-gram of the can, which is about 3 ounces of sardines, with the olive oil, it can provide to you about 10 gram of fat that includes the 2-gram omega-6, 2.5-gram monounsaturated fats, and 2.5-gram omega-3 fats. It will also provide you 150 calories and 320 mg sodium. For your information, this amount of the sardine will only provide you with 110 mg of cholesterol and with fulfilling your daily needs of 20% calcium. It means that the sardines are a good support for your body if you decide to cook it as your meal. For more information about sardines and the other type of sardines packaging, please visit