Nokia 8 Android Phone Features

nokia 8 android phoneNow that you have heard about the release date of Nokia 8 Android phone, you may want to know about the features and specifications that you can expect from the phone. Since it seems to be a long time no see with Nokia especially since it is considered as the first Android flagship from the company, many people seem to have interest in the release of this phone. Now, to learn more about the phone feature and specification, you can read this following information.

Nokia 8 Android Phone Features and Specifications

In the first place, it must be good to talk about the camera feature that is offered by Nokia 8. Nowadays, camera feature is surely taken into account since people prefer to take a picture with their mobile device right now. For Nokia 8, you can expect for a double camera with 24MP and 12MP alongside with additional features like autofocus. Nokia 8 Android phone also offers you a nice display thanks to the 5.3″ IPS display with QHD resolution. More interestingly, it is also equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 to protect the screen from scratch and other. Then, how about the body? It comes with aluminum that has splash resistance feature.

In addition, it is also crucial to learn about the processor aspect for the Nokia 8. It seems that Nokia wants to provide such great phone through this phone, you can expect for Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm. Then, it is also offered with a high capacity of RAM. You can get 4GB of RAM if you use this phone. It is such a spacious RAM capacity, isn’t it? Then, for the internal storage, you can get 64GB of storage with additional microSD card slot. The last but not least, in case of the Android system, the Nokia 8 Android phone is going to offer Android 7.1 Nougat.