Nighttime Routine For Cough Relief

When you have a cough, the nighttime will be your sleep wreckers since a cough will be more severe at that time. You need to soothe the ticklish of your throat and you will also need to soothe the over-sensitive airways before bedtime. The nighttime routine is not only about skincare. It’s not only about applying your toner, night cream, essence, and more. When you have a cough, you also need a nighttime routine for cough relief. A cough is the most annoying thing when it comes about bedtime. So, if you want to have a good sleep, you need to treat your cough first before bedtime. How to treat a cough? Scroll down this post.

How To Cure A Cough?

Before bedtime, you need to have a cup of non-caffeinated tea. Why? Because any warm liquid will help to break the mucus in your airways. Therefore, you need to have a cup of tea with honey. The properties in honey might help to soothe the ticklish in your throat. After that, you have to use steam. Your cough will be worse if there are dry airways. Before bed, you can take a shower and bath to steam yourself so the mucus and cough will be relieved.

You need to watch the humidity in your room. Too much dryness and moisture in your bedroom will make you keep coughing. Especially if you have dust mites and mold allergy too. You can use a hygrometer to measure the humidity in your bedroom. The last routine is prepared your bedside. Just in case if you start coughing after you sleep, you have everything that you need beside you. Prepare cough medicine, a glass of warm water, and anything that will help to cure a cough. If you treat your cough soon, you will have a better sleep in the night. Get well soon!