Levels Of Learning Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat TypingActually, some people might still do not understand what Dance Mat Typing is. For you who still do not know about it, this game usually played on the computer. This game is a fun game that you will enjoy when you play it. This game is usually for kids and it can help them to know how to touch typing in a funny way. In this game, we can some several levels in which each level will have about 3 stages. Then, what should you do when you are playing this game? If you are curious about it, read the following paragraphs.

Number Of Levels In Dance Mat Typing

Actually, the number of level in this game is four levels. Each level has a different mission that should be done before entering the next level. When you start the first level of the game, you have to start from the very beginning of the game. So, you have to play from the 1st stage of the level 1. Then, since the game is using the keyboard as the main tool, you will know which alphabets that should help you to finish the stage. Then, it will continue until the last stage of the first level. After that, you can enter to the level 2 of Dance Mat Typing.

In the second level, you also will have 3 stages with different alphabets mission in each stage. So, you have to do each mission for each stage to enter the next level until the last level which is the fourth level. Actually, what you are going to do while playing this game for each level is the same in basic. However, the alphabets that should be typed for each level will be different. Then, for the evaluation of the levels that you have done, in the end, you have to play the evaluation section of the Dance Mat Typing.