Know Better Your Friend With B Positive Type

Some of you might already know that blood group B has two subclasses that different in some points, which are B Negative and B Positive. B Positive and B Negative are different because of the Rh. Rh factor is the additional factor that makes each blood type has a Positive and Negative type. Positive type is for the blood that contains Rh factor. Meanwhile, the negative is the blood that does not have Rh in it. As there is the difference in the Rh factor, you also can find some differences in fact. In this occasion, to help you know better about B type, especially B Positive, here is the information about some facts of this blood type for you.

B Positive And Its Important Facts

To know better about blood group B, here is the list of some important facts that you have to know. Please, pay attention to the following list.

  • B Positive belongs to the most common blood type in the world. This blood type gets the third rank.
  • B Positive means that this blood type has the B antigen and Rh factor.
  • B+ or B positive is only can be given to the same B+ and AB+
  • Meanwhile, for the plasma, B only can receive from the same B and also AB blood type.

After you know about some important facts about B Positive blood type, it would be good if you can remember those things. Especially, you also have to remember that information if you are work in the medical field which has to work with blood things. For you who have this blood type, it would be better to know about this information too, since it is the part of understanding yourself. To find more facts about this blood type, you can visit