Increase Your Fertility With Soursop Leaf

Health careSome people who get married should want to get the pregnancy as soon as possible because the pregnancy becomes the moment that very important for the couple. When talking about the pregnancy, you also should know and understand about the fertility because the fertility will influence the pregnancy that you and your couple want. So, do you know about the soursop leaf? What is the effect that the soursop leaf with the fertility? You can continue staying on this article to know more detail. Let’s check this out!

Soursop Leaf And The Fertility

The natural way that you can try to increase your fertility is consuming the soursop leaf that famous as the leaf that has many benefits for your health. The soursop leaf can help you to solve the health problem like Kista, decrease your weight, rheumatic medicine, and other benefits. So, what about the benefit of the soursop leaf for your fertility? The soursop leaf will increase the nutrition that needed by the woman and the man need. The soursop leaf will increase the quality of the sperm that also influence the pregnancy, for the woman, this soursop also will help you to make your ovum better than before. When the man and the woman in a good condition, the pregnancy may have the great change then you on the other condition. So, how process the soursop leaf?

To make the medicine, you should prepare the soursop leaf about 15-20 leaf, the water about 5 glasses, the honey, the bay leaf, and lemongrass. The first of all, you should wash all of the material that you need to create this drink. After that, you should boil the water with the soursop leaf until the water decrease about 60%. After that, you can add the honey to make the taste better for your mouth. To make the smell better, you can add the bay leaf and lemongrass. After that, you should let the water getting warm and ready to drink. You can consume this drink in the morning and in the afternoon to get the maximum result.