Find Best Rafting Places In Bali

Bali is a famous island for its sights. Lots of famous tourism places attract tourists from foreign countries. On the island of Bali, there are many rivers that serve as recreational objects for rafting Bali tourism. Rafting is a freshwater sport which we are brought across the river flow with the insistence of a large flow that is able to trigger our adrenaline. In rafting, we need both prime physical and teamwork during the flow to the rushing to finish at the edge of the river. Here are 5 best places to do rafting that we can meet on the island.

4 Best Rivers For Rafting Bali You Can Visit

The first place is Ayung River, which is a famous place for its rafting Bali tour, where the flow of this river is suitable to serve as a place of good rafting in Bali. The route that can be reached in the river is about 12 Kilometers. The next place is Telaga Waja that its water is well-known to be very clean, with cool air along the route. The total length of rafting route there is 16 kilometers. Then, there is Melangit River that has a typical rural scenery that can hypnotize with a dish of cool air, making our body fresh. The water also is very cold. The length of the rafting route in this river is 7.5 kilometers. The next reference is rafting along the Penet River which has some natural caves and waterfalls along the route will make you excited.

Bali Island offers several areas of place that are a mainstay for the tourism industry there. The rivers above are the examples that a river is very useful for humans either as a source of drinking water or as a means of recreation that can be an alternative choice for tourists to visit, just like rafting Bali tour would be a choice for the local and foreign tourists.