Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet With Burnt-On

Cleaning Cast Iron SkilletYour cast iron skillet gets burnt-on on it? Then, you may need to find ways to cleaning cast iron skillet which has burnt-on. There is no doubt that burnt-on is usually stubborn and hard to be removed. That’s why we need to know the strategy to remove it without any dirt leave after that. In case you have not known the strategy to remove it cleanly, here are some tricks that you can follow in order to cleanse the burnt-on on your cast iron skillet.

Tricks On Cleaning Cast Iron Skillet With Burnt-On

Fortunately, there is a very easy-to-find material which you can use to remove burnt-on in cast iron skillet. On this article, we are going to use salt as the main material for removing the stubborn burnt-on. To begin, you should cleanse the pan by your hand. Don’t forget to use hot water when cleaning cast iron skillet which has burnt-on. You can use stiff brush or sponge to wipe the pan. Then, apply a little salt to the pan. You can mix it with water to make it easy for you scrubbing the burnt-on. Remember to avoid utilizing something like steel wool and dishwasher when you try to get rid of the burnt-on.

Additionally, it is also recommended to boil water in your cast iron skillet when it has burnt-on. In this case, the water boiling process will make it possible to loosen the intractable residue of burnt-on in the pan. After you remove all the dirt, rinse the skillet and dry it out with cloth or towel. Then, set the skillet over the stove to be heated. Afterward, apply some vegetable oil to coat the skillet again. Once you finish, make sure to save the skillet on the proper, dry place. Those are several tricks of cleaning cast iron skillet.