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Download Tutu App Pokemon Go Version Now

Is there anyone do not play the game yet because the game tells you to move your feet? Well, you should not worry about that anymore. This new version of the game from Tutu App Store will not let you go out and move just to find the Pokemon. You can just sit and chill in your room while you are playing the game. Then, how to download the hacked Pokemon Go version? Well, you will get the Tutu App Pokemon Go version easily if you follow the instructions. First, you should visit the Tutu App site; then, you can download the latest version of the Tutu App Store. After that, you may follow more instructions like download the Pokemon Go in modded version.

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Antimalware Service ExecutableFor you who are learning more about anything related to PC, you might also curious about what Antimalware Service Executable is. Actually, when you read the name, you might figure out about, at least, the headline of this system. Yes, it is about the antivirus that runs on your PC, especially for you who run the Windows in your system. Then, what is it? How do you use it? What is the importance of using it? You might curious about those thing related with this antimalware. If you are curious about it and want to know more about it, please read the following paragraphs for more information.

Antimalware Service Executable and Its Importance

In the previous paragraphs, it is being explained that the users of Windows, will find Antimalware Service Executable in their system. Especially, for those who use Windows 10, it will exist in their system. When you are questioning about what the system is, actually this antimalware is the basic service of Windows Defender to protect your computer. The importance of this system to be on your computer is that it can help you to protect the whole system of your computer. How does it work? Can you try to disable it?

As the antivirus of computer, it works like the other antivirus. It will help you to scan the system, application or programs, and also files on your PC. When you do not have any other antivirus, you can trust your PC protection to it. However, it does not mean that you cannot install the other antivirus program. You can install the other antivirus that you want to give more protection to your PC. If you are curious about how to disable the antimalware from Windows Defender, it would be better to not disabling this system since it is a protection system for your computer. Visit for more information about it.

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAINThere are so many things you have to experience when you surf in the websites you see on the internet. Nothing can compare the happiness in having such a perfect internet connection when you want to browse for a particular information. Unfortunately, you might also find the problems like DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. This is one of the most common web browser problems and you will need to consider getting rid of the problem before you can browse the internet comfortably. Here we are going to give you some smart method in fixing and getting rid the problems and we will help you in making your internet connection to be more reliable.


When you get the problem in DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, you will have some condition which will make you frustrated. No matter how many times you hit the reload button, you will not get the result you want. Therefore, you will feel so frustrated. The browser will show a message which is read as ‘This website is not available’. But, you should not be panic. You will have some methods that can be so helpful. The first thing to do is to visit chrome://net-internals/#dns. From this site, you should click the delete button which is placed next to cache host resolver cache.

If you don’t get any success attempt by doing the first method, you can also find ncpa.cpi in Windows. After you have found them, you have to locate the IP version 4 (TCP/Ipv4) option. From the option, you should click the button which is labeled as ‘Properties’. If you have succeeded doing them, you can then manually set the DNS server selection as and The IP will set automatically. If you have done this, you will have to start the browser you use. The browser should be working properly after you fix the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN problem. Visit to learn more about this.

download videosThere are some video-sharing websites that you can visit daily for getting some good videos around. However, you should know that those websites usually do not allow direct-link downloading. That is to say, you just cannot download their videos from their websites directly. Moreover, it is worth noting that official music video clips are also available on those video-sharing platform. Thus, pirating them are actually considered as crime especially if you are caught. Some people really want to avoid this problem whatsoever. However, there are times when it is just impossible to skip download videos from such great websites.

Download Videos from Massive Web Service

It is worth to note that downloading videos does not require anything but an internet connection. However, when it comes to downloading videos from major web services, there are some additional steps required. One of the required steps typically relies on how to download the videos using third-party service. That is, you should visit a website that offers exclusive download from the specific video-sharing platform. There are some good websites offering download videos from big sources, and you should know some of them. By knowing those third-party sources, you can get the best experience in getting videos that you want.

The steps for downloading the videos from the massive source are greatly simplified if you use third-party service. You only need to type the keywords that you want. Take one example if you want to search a tutorial for fixing something. You need to type that keywords and the website will process your requires, showing some videos related to your typed keywords. After that, you only need to choose one of the videos, and you can download them right away by selecting their size. That is how to download videos from massive web services, and you can get that by visiting

arenadrivers.comYou may be wondering how to print documents with your computer. This condition usually happens when you start to print but it does not work. You have clicked the print button but the print does not respond it. There seems no sign of life from the printer even though it is turned on and the cable is properly connected. This kind of problem is actually pretty common, and it is because the driver is not installed yet. Printer driver download is required before you can print stuff. It is essential to step yet people often forget. If you want to know where to go, there are actually some good websites that you can find by searching through a search engine.

Printer Driver Download Free

Once you use the search engine, you can have plenty of options ranging from the official websites and other third-party websites. Either way is okay as long as you know that you are downloading the correct printer driver. It is true that printer driver download may not be truthful. Sometimes, there are websites offering altered driver which has been injected with the virus. Thus, you should be careful when you are looking for the printer driver. The best way to go is always the official website.

You may be thinking that the official website will charge you for downloading the printer driver. Fortunately, they do not. They actually provide the charger as a single package with the product that you have. Therefore, if you have the printer, you should not have to worry about downloading the printer driver. The same thing happens if you choose to download, can help you with that. With the proper installation, you can print documents without worry. However, you need to be careful when you are downloading the driver. The reason is simply that there are some websites that offer bad quality drivers.

seegatesite.comHave you ever visit this website before you read this article before? If you never click this website before, you can read this article to know more information about that website. There are many kinds of website that exist on the internet. Some of them will give you the information about the tutorial about your life and you may need to read this website that the writer will tell you. What is this website will give for you? What about the information that this Website will tell you? Are you curious? Let’s check this page more!

Visit This Website To Learn The PHP Tutorial

If you type the tutorial of the PHP on your finding machine, you will find many kinds of websites that will tell you about the PHP and everything that have some influence the PHP. When you confuse which one that suitable for you, there is no wrong when you try to visit this website. What will this website give to you? When you visit this website for the first time, you will find that this website will very simple and easy to access with other people. This website actually will give you the update all about the information that has some relationship with the internet and some information that include as the computer world. So, what do you waiting for? You can open this website directly after you complete reading this article.

Not only very simple, when you open this website, you not only will find the information about the tutorial only the text without any prove. You will find many pictures that will direct you when you practice about the PHP. The picture very detail and very easy to understand because this picture like the screenshot from the computer that will give you the real experiment and experiment that may very important for you. That’s all some review that tells you about the, no doubt, you should read this website now

nokia 8 android phoneNow that you have heard about the release date of Nokia 8 Android phone, you may want to know about the features and specifications that you can expect from the phone. Since it seems to be a long time no see with Nokia especially since it is considered as the first Android flagship from the company, many people seem to have interest in the release of this phone. Now, to learn more about the phone feature and specification, you can read this following information.

Nokia 8 Android Phone Features and Specifications

In the first place, it must be good to talk about the camera feature that is offered by Nokia 8. Nowadays, camera feature is surely taken into account since people prefer to take a picture with their mobile device right now. For Nokia 8, you can expect for a double camera with 24MP and 12MP alongside with additional features like autofocus. Nokia 8 Android phone also offers you a nice display thanks to the 5.3″ IPS display with QHD resolution. More interestingly, it is also equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 to protect the screen from scratch and other. Then, how about the body? It comes with aluminum that has splash resistance feature.

In addition, it is also crucial to learn about the processor aspect for the Nokia 8. It seems that Nokia wants to provide such great phone through this phone, you can expect for Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm. Then, it is also offered with a high capacity of RAM. You can get 4GB of RAM if you use this phone. It is such a spacious RAM capacity, isn’t it? Then, for the internal storage, you can get 64GB of storage with additional microSD card slot. The last but not least, in case of the Android system, the Nokia 8 Android phone is going to offer Android 7.1 Nougat.

Android NougatThere are some features that you will receive once you updated your operating system to Nougat. This operating system was released in 2016. Last year, this operating system was a ray of hope for some security problems. That means it is expected that the android nougat becomes more secure. However, there is still no guarantee that there is another security breach in the operating system. However, significant improvement is made for the nougat. Therefore, it is something that you should consider when it comes to this operating system. If you are wondering why it is possible that the nougat is secure, you should know some facts about it.

Better Security with Android Nougat

The first problem about security breach is from Stagefright family. It was found in Froyo, and it was quite difficult to get rid of the bug until Android Nougat comes. In response against this programming bug, there is a runtime integer overflow for detecting the bug. It does not eliminate completely the bug. However, it prevents the bug from developing into dangerous vulnerability issue. Additionally, you should know that MediaServer process is prevented from running on its own except its permission is granted. There are some technical problems that are related to this issue, and the details are available in the change log.

Another thing that should be noted about the Nougat Android operating system is an additional mechanism in Linux kernel. One of the mechanism is creating a division in the kernel for its code and data. Additionally, each section has different access permission as deemed necessary. Additionally, the perf is not activated by default. It is to prevent any possible damage to the kernel. There are some other features in terms of security enhancement in android nougat. It is definitely a worthy upgrade if your device supports this new operating system

Download Game PSP PPSSPPHow about Download Game PSP PPSSPP on your smartphone? Can you imagine, how many the price that you should pay when you buy the PSP? If you want to know the feeling when playing the game that can play on the PSP on your smartphone, you can read this article until the last part and make your smartphone feel the PSP sensation when playing the game. So, what step that you should do to know more about that information? Let’s check this out!

Feel And Download Game PSP PPSSPP On Your Smartphone

PlayStation Portable or you call to make it short become PSP is the devices that the new generation of the PlayStation that very famous on the last time. As the replacement, you can choose this game device to have the sensation while playing on the PlayStation on the device that smaller than before. After that, when you don’t have the PSP, you can Download Game PSP PPSSPP on your smartphone. Who doesn’t have the smartphone nowadays? Suitable with the name of this phone, you also can use your smartphone become the game devices and enjoy the game that you want to play. When you want to play the game PSP on your smartphone, you should download the special format game and file that different.

Although you can find the same game online the online store that supports your smartphone, the different sensation will make you sure to download this kind of game. The visual and the graphics that create on the PSP also make other people fall in love with this PSP. You can choose which one that you want choose to install on your smartphone, the small size with the small definition or the big size and the high definition will make your game very joyful. So, what do you waiting for to Download Game PSP PPSSPP to your smartphone? Thanks for you who want to read this article until the finish.

Fixer TipsTechnology becomes something that is important in nowadays. You even cannot live without it because almost stuff you do will need this technology called computer and laptop. This device helps you much in making everything easier. However, one thing that you should know before you use this you need to install the operating system in it so that it can run several applications. Sometimes you will find some error while installing this operating system called windows but you should not be afraid because fixer tips will help you to handle that problem so that you can continue using your computer of course, are you ready to get the solution? Here you go.

Fixer Tips for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Well, now Windows 10 has been released the new one called windows 10-anniversary update or usually called windows AU. This one also will have the risk to cause some error, don’t worry you can solve it now, here in this tips from fixer tips.  Usually, you will find some error about how to fix the connection to windows update server. This error code will be 0x800F0922 and also 0xc1900104. Then here you will be explained that those errors can give a sign that your computer or laptop is not connected to windows update server. However, you still can understand if there will be no space for memory which is enough in the partition of the reserved system.

What you need to do here is first you can use the connection of VPN to be connected online. Then you can cut the VPN connection and try to do updating again. In the other hand you also possible to shut down your computer first before you try it again. Then the next is if you run windows 10 then it is impossible of the system reserved partition is smaller than the need.  Then what you need to do for further information? Of course, you need to go to this link for fixer tips.