Do you know that Japanese can live for more than 100 years? At that age, they are still healthy and active. The secret is writing a diary. Yes, it is true. Japanese tend to write a diary every day. This is the thing that keeps them healthy after all this time. Writing a diary is the key to healthy body, mind, and sou. When you wrote a diary, you can track all aspects related to your health. If you read your diary, you will know what food that you eat, how often you exercise, what is your sleep pattern, and more. This activity will also let you know more about your own feelings and thoughts.

Write A Diary For Healthy Life

The act of writing a diary every single day is a good thing for both your body and mind. You can track your stress, anxiety, and depression as well. By writing a dairy, you can know more about your mood and health problem. When we were children, we always wrote a diary. You can do this activity again. The first thing is to find an attractive diary and a pen. After that, you have to spend at least 10 minutes before bedtime to write down what happens today.

You have to be consistent in doing this activity. So, you need to write a diary every day. At first, you can spend at least 10 minutes to write a diary. As your habit develop, you can spend 20 minutes since it is the most effective time. When you write your diary, you need to let your feelings and thoughts flow. You don’t have to write something genius like literature student. Forget about grammar. Since dairy is something personal, you can write whatever you want. You can also write quickly if you don’t know what to write. Good luck in making a new habit!

If you are new to sleep apnea, it is inevitable that you are not familiar with this sleeping disorder. At this point, you may not know about what sleep apnea side effects are since you do not even know what it is all about. Well, read this following information to find out more about this thing.

How Can We Define Sleep Apnea?

What is actually sleep apnea? You must be familiar with snoring. It is actually one of kind snoring which happens in your sleep. Thing one happens when you noisily snore and also feel drain all day long. Even though it does not have something to do with your sleep quality, it is possible that this thing happens because of a certain health condition that affects your body.

What Causes Sleep Apnea

Then, what are the things that usually make this problem appears in a patient? Before we know about sleep apnea side effects, here are some of the causes of sleep apnea that you must know.

  • For Obstructive Sleep Apnea: If you get this problem, it means that it is caused by the muscle of your throat which gets relax. This muscle supports triangular tissue on uvula, the side wall of our throat, tongue and also our tonsils.
  • For Central Sleep Apnea: In addition to the obstructive one, the central sleep apnea happens when our brain does not succeed to transmit a signal toward our muscles. This sleep apnea type is actually not common to happen.

Those are some of the things that you need to know about sleep apnea. The thing is that we need to be more and more careful toward anything which may make something get worse. Since somebody conditions can lead us to have this problem, it is better for us to live a healthier lifestyle which will help the body to combat sleep apnea side effects.

You may do not like when sometimes you have a pimple in your face, neck, back, and the other parts of your body because it may make people things that you are one of the people who does not care about your face and body, in fact, it is not. Then, you have pimple marks removal product for a pimple that you can choose; whether you want to use natural pimple marks product or it is a chemical product which both of them are effective to get rid of a pimple. However, both kinds of the product are effective to remove the marks.

Pimple Marks Removal To Change Your Face Better

You must soon to get rid the pimple marks because it will make your face is worse rather that you look your normal face without the pimple marks. Although a pimple can indicate your condition to check whether you are getting stress or not, you cannot just wait to see a pimple is removed naturally during the time the marks will peel off because it takes time to wait and hold it. Pimple marks removal will help you to peel off the marks from your face. If you have a good face without any marks, you can do the makeup easily because you do not need to cover the dark spot or the pimple marks on the face. A pimple on your face also will never affect your health too.

From the numerous product of the removal, you can choose the removal that has no side effect if you use the product. You can choose yourself method to remove the marks because it is you who have the pimple marks. Although you do not come to the doctor to do consultation about your face, the pimple marks removal product minimally can help you to make your face change to be clean, bright and seems so fresh when you look it at the mirror, it has no marks.

If you have a problem with high cholesterol, there are some things that you need to avoid to make sure that you are able to get through your difficult problem and get away from this problem forever. When the number of high cholesterol patients is increased through the years, you should not be another one that makes the number increase.

Foods That You Must Avoid As High Cholesterol Patient

If you have high cholesterol, there are some foods that are better to avoid than to be eaten. Here are some of the foods that you must avoid if you do not want to make your cholesterol level get higher.

  • Animal’s brain: If you have ever consumed brain of animals like chicken, sheep or cow, it is better for you to stop eating this thing ever again when you have high cholesterol. It is because the food has bad cholesterol that will make your health condition get worse.
  • Cow’s milk: When cow’s milk offers various benefit for those who have normal cholesterol level, this food is actually something that high cholesterol patient needs to avoid. It is because cow’s milk can increase cholesterol quickly because of its fat content.
  • French fries: When the potato is considered as a good food to eat, it does not have the same idea with French fries even though it is made of potatoes. This fast food is surely bad for your cholesterol, so you must avoid this food as well.

Those are some foods that you need to avoid when you do not want to make your high cholesterol get worse. It will be better for you to search for healthy foods that are friendly for cholesterol patient so that you can get away from your health problem soon. That’s all. And stay healthy!

The worsening weather makes our immune system decreases and makes us prone to disease. The body feels weak and susceptible to get flu easier. As a result, the activity becomes disturbed and life feels sad because eating even feels uncomfortable. It is important for us to keep a healthy life by maintaining a regular diet, paying attention to the food menu, and also diligent exercise every day. Doing sport is also the most favorite things to do to maintain our body shape.

Sports Must Be Routinely Conducted Every Day

Maintaining health and body fitness would require extra effort. Because if you do it by lazing it could be it will actually make your body condition worse. I’ve tried to do sports programs like fitness. One day after the execution, it felt like my whole body hurt and made it difficult for me to move. That’s why I stopped exercising until the pain in my body disappeared. However, it turns out that way is wrong, because if so you will not get a fit body. You need to force yourself to keep exercising even though the body feels sick, your body needs to get used to it. If you continue, then the pain will be gone for a long time and you start to get used to it. You don’t have to force yourself to do a tough sports movement from the start, you need to do the simple movement first, you have to do your program patiently and diligently. It is better for you to do simple exercise routinely rather than doing the hard one at a time to get the result quickly.

Doing sports like fitness can be done at home with the help of smartphone apps that organize your sports schedule. The app adjusts your sports portion according to your ability, and its level increases from time to time. It will help increase your exercise motivation. Keep your spirits in exercise.

Do you know taco? It is one of the delicious foods and snacks. Many people love to eat taco as a snack and daily meals. Then, why we are talking about a taco? Taco can be one of the weight loss programs for you. Maybe for you who love taco but hate to do diet; you can try to combine what you hate and what you love to be one. So, here you are.

How to Lose Some Weight Using Taco Diet is here

There are so many ways to lose weight such as choosing the right foods and doing the physical activities much. Then, choosing taco as your losing weight program is very good. Taco is delicious and becomes the favorite food of many people. Here are the ways of using taco as your diet:

  1. Tacos are not created equal. You should choose the right taco as the menu of your meals every day.
  2. The right taco for diet is the taco based on vegan-friendly ingredients than other ingredients for an omnivore. You will love the taste if you try it. Not all vegan foods are looks not delicious and taste bad.
  3. You can eat taco as your daily meals or you can eat taco as your healthy snacks. You should know the taco based on vegan-friendly ingredients only.
  4. Weight loss programs with taco will need your effort to find out ingredients of taco. Well, it is better if you create the tacos by yourself.

If your city has vegetarian or vegan’s tacos; you will be very lucky. If you do not find it in your city, you should create your own healthy taco and do the taco diet. You can mix the diet with the healthy foods based on your nutrition needs. Click weight loss programs for more information. Thus, that is all the info for you about the unique taco diet.

Children are very active and happy to play in places where there are plenty of rides and are crowded by other people or children, for example on the playground, in the park, at the tourist attractions, and others. At their age, it’s great to play and hang out with their friends. If in the countryside they will play in the open yard, they ride bicycles or just running around while casing each other, some kids even play in the fields, and we know that it is a dirty place full of mud. After playing they go home in a dirty state, and it is not impossible that their bodies and their clothes are filled with bacteria and fungi. If they are not quickly cleaned, then they will be susceptible to skin diseases. Skin diseases are often experienced by children is infantigo or impetigo because of this skin disease caused by bacteria and fungi.

Skin Disease In Children

Infantigo or impetigo is a bacterial infection of the skin, in the form of blisters or patches of open wounds on the skin, which then leads to a yellow or brown crust. This disease can be contagious because of direct contact between the skin with the skin or with intermediate items, such as towels, clothes, or tableware that has been contaminated with bacteria. Impetigo is more common in children than adults. The high physical interaction with peers in the school or playground makes children more often victims of impetigo.

Type Of Impetigo:

Based on the symptoms, infantigo or impetigo is divided into two, namely:

  1. Bullous impetigo, characterized by the blistered and fluid-filled skin. The appearance of bullous impetigo is usually also accompanied by fever and swollen lymph nodes.
  2. Impetigo nonbulosa, characterized by the appearance of red spots, such as wounds that leave a yellowish-brownish crust. Although not blistered, nonbulbous impetigo is more contagious than bullous impetigo.

I know it is not easy to treat your face when you have pimples or acne on your face; especially, women. You will need more effort to use makeup. Well, acne and pimples treatment is one of the treatments that are very easy to do. If you love your skin; you surely have favorite cleanser, right? So, let us use it as the mix of tea tree oil, then.

How To Use Cleanser And Tea Tree Oil As The Acne Treatment

There are several steps of using your favorite cleanser as the mix of tea tree oil. Well, it must be the face cleanser. So, here are the steps:

  1. You should prepare your favorite cleanser for your daily treatment.
  2. Add the cleanser with ten or fifteen drops of tea tree oil into the cleanser.
  3. The acne and pimples treatment here will be used after your face is washed with water first.
  4. Apply the cleanser with tea tree oil.
  5. The last, wash your own face with the cleanser two times a day.

Well, those are all the information and tips to create your own treatment for acne and pimples. There are more ways to do for your acne and pimples. You can use another mix of tea tree oil with other ingredients for creating the treatment. For example, you can use lemon, honey, moisturizer, scrub, green clay and so on. You should choose the ingredients based on your skin type.

By the way, using the cleanser of yours will be the best choice because the cleanser is already good for your skin. You may wait for several days to know whether the treatment is good for you or not. Ok, if you need more tips; you may click acne and pimples treatment. Thus, that is all and I wish your skin will be better soon.

If you want to stay healthy, there are actually several things that you can do to help you improve your health. Before you start doing some action to improve your health, there are several things that you can do to find out your current health status. This is an important thing to do before you can start a program that will significantly change your life. You can easily do this first step by doing these several following steps that will be very helpful to start your day with an amazing improvement in your health.

Check Your Health Status

There are several things that you need to check in order to find out what happens to your body so that you know the next step you can do to help deal with the health problem you might find during the status checking. You can easily find check your health by making the appointment with your doctor. You need also include the appointment with your dentist so that you can have a routine screening to find out about the current condition of your health. This is the start that you can do to make sure what kind of condition you have lately so that you know what you exactly need to do.

The next thing that you should do is to measure your weight and height. This is how you can check your BMI. You can also try to measure the waist circumference. This is how you can find out whether or not you are overweight. Although it looks like a simple thing to do, you can also find out that your waistline will tell you whether or not you have a health risk. By doing those simple things above, you will find it is possible to start fresh to improve your health.

Fruits so many have the benefits of one is to maintain health and prevent us from various diseases. By consuming fruits, we can get balanced nutrition. Fruits contain lots of vitamins needed by the body. These vitamins can help the body’s metabolic system. Sometimes, we often encounter people who do not like to eat vegetables when vegetables contain lots of vitamins. This can be overcome if offset by eating lots of fruits. Do you know the benefits of fruit that you eat every day?

Benefits of Fruit for The Body

  • Source of vitamins

Fruit is a very healthy source of natural vitamins

  • Source of antioxidants

Antioxidants can be used by the body to counteract free radicals that can cause stress

  • water sources

fruit also contains a lot of water in it so it can also meet the water needs of the human body

  • as a medicine

many of the fruits that contain compounds that are active compounds that can cure diseases

  • prevent certain diseases

because many of the fruits that contain medicinal compounds, then indirectly the fruit can also prevent a person from various diseases

  • restore stamina

the content of the fruit is very important and can increase endurance so that it can also increase stamina.

  • Can be used for diet

Lots of people who diet by eating lots of fruit. Because fruits contain few calories and contain lots of vitamins

  • Provide essential nutrients

Vitamins – vitamins present in the fruit are a very important and indispensable nutrient needed by the body to help maintain health

  • Be an additional supplement

This supplementary supplement is very important to maintain the functions of organs contained in the human body. Because the organ is a very vital part of the human body. Therefore, efforts to maintain it need to be done. Hope it help!

It is inevitable that everyone concerns toward their body fitness. When we are trying to keep up with our healthy lifestyle, we may find some rules that make us do something while on the other hand make us avoid something so that we can be healthy for a long time. Here are some useful things that you can learn about this notion.

What You Do for Healthy Body

Let’s begin with everything that you can do to maintain your body fitness. Now, let’s check the following rules below.

  1. Do exercising: Well, exercising is very crucial when you want to make your body always fit. You need to move and do some exercises to make sure that all of your organs can work properly. Exercising is known to promote a healthy heart, brain, and other body functions. So, there is no excuse to avoid this activity.
  2. Do a healthy eating habit: You must eat well if you want to keep your body in good condition. Your body needs nutrients that are able to make it stay healthy. By doing healthy eating habit, it means that you must eat a balanced diet which includes whole food.
  3. Do a quality sleeping habit: Having a good sleeping habit is another important point to stay healthy. Make sure that your body gets what it needs for recharging during sleeping.

What You Don’t Do for Healthy Body

Now, what should we avoid to achieve a healthy body? Here are some of the things that you should not do to stay healthy.

  1. Don’t smoke: You should not make smoking cigarette as one of your daily habits if you want to keep your body in great condition.
  2. Don’t drink too much alcohol: Drinking alcohol moderately is considered okay for your body. So, you can drink it but not too much.

It is no secret that we need to drink more liquid to maintain a healthy life. But, what kind of liquid we actually need at this point? Well, it is better to say that you need to drink more water to maintain your health instead of liquid. When water, even the hot one offer you a lot of health benefits, some of these drinks will only get you into a problem when you drink it.

Worst Drinks for Your Body

  • Fruit juices you find in stores

Fruit juices are healthy when you make it by yourself at home. However, if you buy a bottle of processed fruit juice in the nearby store, you must think twice about its health benefit. Fruit juices that you buy as a soft drink in the store are pasteurized. It means that the nutrition has been destroyed. It only offers you a bottle full of sugar.

  • Commercial iced tea

This one is usually made of artificial sweetened which makes it as a bad drink for your body. It has caffeine which makes you feel more exhausted when you drink it all day long.

  • Energy drinks

This is another worst drink that you must avoid at all cost. It is a bunch of artificial color, flavor, and sugar. It only makes you more dehydrated as you drink it.

Drink It Instead

Instead of drinking those worst drinks that will only lead you to pain, it is better for you to drink more mineral or clear water. If you are bored with clear water, you can consider making infused water by adding sliced fruit to your water. Or you can also make homemade fruit juices and smoothies which do not contain artificially sweetened and other harmful ingredients. Now, you have known what to drink and what to avoid.

When you are busy, there is no time for you to take more meal. However, you have to make sure that you get well breakfast and lunch. Just take simple but healthy food for your breakfast like oatmeal or smoothies. Then, you can also bring your own box meal that will let you take your lunch even for a minute. In a busy time, you may feel hungrier than usual. Moreover, you will pass critical time which is between after lunch to dinner. In working time, you may not find a way to buy any kind of snacks. As a solution, you can save some healthy snacks which can help your life in working place.

Keep These Healthy Snacks at Your Desk

Feel hungry is not a mistake. A mistake is when you skip your meal most in every day. If you do not have much time to take a meal, so at least you get some supply to level up your energy. Here are some healthy snacks that can be placed on your working desk:

  • Dried Fruit

When you need more energy but there is no food in your room, so you need to take little food to keep your performance up until finding the main menu. The best little food is a sweet thing. For healthy food, you can try to get dried fruits then place it in your room. Dried fruit like apricots or date will help your mouth to be satisfied when in the hunger strike.

  • Dark Chocolate

You can also keep dark chocolate in your room. This is good for you since it has excellent magnesium.

  • Roasted Seaweed

If you do not like something sweets, so you can keep roasted seaweed at your desk. Rather than taking chips, it is better to take a crunchy seaweed which contains of various vitamins.

As a mother, gives more attention to beloved one is a must. At the first phase of your baby, you have to give more attention and love towards her/him. One way to give your love is breastfeeding. There is no as good as breast milk’s nutrients. Milk formula even cannot replace the benefits of breast milk. That is why it is important to breastfeed babies in their first phase. To give the best nutrients, you have also need to increase breast milk production. In that situation, your baby will get enough food and nutrients to develop more.

Foods For Increasing Breast Milk Production

The first way to increase breast milk production is controlling your supply. You may also know that babies will eat on what their mother ate. That is why you have to control more on what you eat. There are also some foods that can help you to increase more breast milk production. For the first, you have to get enough liquid supply. Make sure that during your nursing phase you will only take healthy fresh juice and water. It will help you to increase the volume of milk and get more lactation. Second, you have also taken various vegetables like spinach, garlic, and carrot which are good for your baby’s health and yourself.

Home Remedies For Increasing Breast Milk Production

Besides controlling your supply, you can also take some treatment to keep your breast milk produce more for your baby. You can try to take warm compress before breastfeeding time. It aims to increase blood circulation so the milk can be produced more. Just massage your breast for five to ten minutes after compress it before breastfeeding time. It is effective to circulate the production of milk. For further tips and information about breastfeeding, you can visit

Body odor must be /the most annoying thing. It is still normal when you have an odor, but it is not normal when the odor becomes exaggerate. There is no one who wants to have body odor. However, some of you might have this problem. Since it is really annoying, people with odor have no confidence to stand along with other. Don’t worry, there are still some ways to get rid of your body odor. Don’t be sad for you who have a problem with your body odor. You can try to get rid of your body odor by consuming some foods.

Vegetables for Reducing Body Odor

There are some vegetables which are good for you who have body odor. Most of these vegetables are easy to find in your kitchen. For the first option, you can try to take parsley. It contains of oils which will help you to defeat bad scents on your body. Moreover, there is also chlorophyll in parsley which is good to purify blood and alkalize the body. To reduce body odor, you can try to take 2 cups of parsley tea in every day.

Second, you can also try to consume more tomatoes. It contains of antibacterial and antiseptic which is good for cutting bacteria. These bacteria become one of the causes of your body odor. Moreover, the tomato is also effective to control excessive sweating. As home remedies, you can make a tomato juice or take it a salad for your every days’ supply. Besides, you can also try to apply the tomato on the area which is often sweating much. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before taking bath. Then, wash it off well. You can do it once in a day for the first attempt. If there is no more unpleasant odor, so you can stop this treatment.