5 Healthy Alternative Drinks To Coffee

Health tipsI know most of us are caffeine addict and we all know that it might be not the healthiest drinks. Drinking too much coffee on a daily basis can make us having a trouble sleeping, anxious, and may keep our stress hormones burning throughout the day.

Say Adios To Coffee!

A hot drink while working is everyone’s best buddy and also loved by many. It isn’t advised to Keep employee with a coffee pot without making an alternative with something equally as satisfactory. There are a lot of good reasons to give up on coffee. Therefore, here are 5 alternative drinks to coffee.

  1. Probiotic drinks – researchers stated that some digestive orders happen when the balance of friendly bacteria in the intestines becomes disturbed. Probiotic drinks regulate digestive health, maintaining good health, boost the immune system, and etc.
  2. Ginger tea – ginger tea is actually can help you to improve your digestion, give you a swift, nice, and kick-in-the-pants morning ritual. If you absolutely want something to warm your body in the morning, ginger tea can be your first optional.
  3. Yerba Mate – sometimes, yerba mate is preferred over coffee because of its antioxidants, mineral, and vitamins content. This may also help with insulin sensitivity issues.
  4. Green tea – this probably the most popular alternative beverage to coffee. Green tea contains bioactive compounds. Many health diseases have been aided by consuming green tea. This also contains small amount of caffeine but has L-theanine, a beneficial amino acid that may help you to focus on things.
  5. Rooibos tea – rooibos tea can be added to your alternative because it is a caffeine-free and also low in tannins. People who consume Rooibos tea claimed that it can cure headaches and even insomnia.

There you have it – 6 healthy alternative drinks to coffee you can have in the morning or whatever time that suit you! Enjoy!